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Beta EyeScan Customized Color Bars

Customized Color Bar

"EyeScan" Customized Color Bars are the only color bars made to match your press's exact spacing and ink key zones, using grey balance targets in every zone, they are the best and easiest way to achieve press color. A thorough and as well as intuitive system to put  more jobs on press faster,  greatly reducing wasted make ready. Compare to other random, generic color bars that make color  and image adjustment much more difficult, time consuming and costly.

What is Grey Balance? Grey Balance is a simple system that is both visually and instrumentally verifiable and understood by color professionals to most easily  achieve production color. It combines cyan, magenta, and yellow to produce a visual grey.  It eliminates much of the guess work and experimentation used to get to color on press.

With A Glance the press operator easily sees the slightest change in gray balance and  color density while measuring color values using a BetaColor Densitometer, (Models S4 Xpress, S4,  or Spectro-Dens 2000) or other, to quickly adjust ink keys for perfect balance across the sheet.

    Every Customized EyeScan Color Bar contains, gray balance patches, process yellow, magenta, cyan, black, 25%, 50%, 75% dot  gain targets, resolution and trap color targets. At every fourth ink key zone, the gray balance target is adjacent to a 50% black tint for visual verification. (see scale symbol above) The perfect combination of visual verification and color measuring. We can also make EyeScan Color Bars to fit your exact needs, regardless of press type, size, layout or need.

    View/Download EyeScan Color Bar Printing Primer

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              Pricing: Affordable and varies depending on size. Formatted EPS files on CD-ROM or Film Neg.

Gray Balance and Color Targets custom spaced to your CTP,
press, or film neg .

20" and 13"  bars for your small format press.












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