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Freee BetaMag 12X with LED

Beta S4 Xpress Color Densitometer


The Most Complete And Automatic Feature Set  Available, Combined With Our Easy, Intuitive Operating System. Everything you need without pressing buttons or switching modes!

Advanced Features Include Automatic:

  • Density
  • 3-Point Dot Gain
  • Gray Balance (Great for Newspapers)
  • Color Sequence/Lay Down Order
  • Trapping Efficiency

GREEN/GO or RED/STOP Flashing LED's  Indicate If Measurements Are In, Or Out, Of Your Production Tolerance. The color measured is compared to your preset standards to more easily bring you to a perfect job. No need to always look at the display numbers, you'll immediately see a good measurement with the flashing GREEN LED. Four reference standards are possible.

Super Efficient LED's, Eliminate Cumbersome Corded Chargers, while increasing speed, efficiency and the number of measurements to an incredible 500,000+.  Gone Are Costly Tungsten Lamps, which are the most  common source of instrument drift and failure, and can also cost hundreds of dollars to replace.

The innovative, elevated retracting target sight insures  that no contact is made with the printed surface.  It is elevated slightly above the substrate surface. It never touches or damages wet ink!

We Believe The S4 Xpress Is The Easiest, Most Advanced And Practical Densitometer Today.

Call Us For A Free, Ten-Day Trial In Your Shop, At Your Press.

Beta S4 Xpress Color Densitometer

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Download the S4 XPress Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide (pdf)

Product Brochure (pdf)

Product Brochure en Espanol (pdf)


Light Source:
RGB LED's, 45/0 geometry

3mm standard
2mm or 1mm optional

0.00 - 2.50D
Dot Area - 1% to 100%

Measuring Speed:
0.5 seconds, Linearity 1%

Target Recognition:
Automatic Infrared Detection

Graphical Display:
160x80 pixels, 4 gray levels

(2) AA alkaline
>500,000 measurements

Serial Interface:


6.9x3x1.9 inches


Three Year Parts & Labor Warranty

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