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BETACOLOR PRESTO SPECTRO (Spectro-Densitometer) at $3,149 (Limited Promotional Price)


(Limited Promotional Price)

Price $ 3,499.00

Beta Industries announces the latest member of our PRESTO line of color control instruments.

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PRESTO Densitometer

The Best of the Best, BetaColor PRESTO Densitometer

Best Technology at the Best Price - $1,499.00

LED Technology for Faster, Most User-Friendly Color Measurement for Automatic Density & Dot Gain, Gray Balance & Color Matching

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BetaColor Presto Delta E

BetaColor PRESTO Delta E

The Best of the Best + Delta E @ $2,499!

All of the above BetaColor Presto features + Delta E

When Critical Color Matching is a Must!

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S2 Xpress Betacolor Densitometer

For the 2 or 4 Color Press

  • Instant & Automatic Color Measurement
  • Nothing is Simpler for Measuring Density & Dot Gain
  • Includes Red / Green “Traffic Lights”


Buy the S4 Xpress Color Densitometer

The Best Production Oriented
Densitometer Today

Perfect Densitometer for the 4-Color Press

  • Breakthrough Combination of Automatic Features & Ease of Use
  • Superior speed and the most complete feature set available.
  • No learning curve, ready to use right out of the box due to our simple, intuitive operating system.
  • NEW! GREEN for GOOD / RED for STOP - LED "Traffic Lights" indicate when you're within printing tolerance without having to look at the numerical display.
  • Automatic Density, 3 Dot Gain Levels, Gray Balance & Trapping,
    without touching a button.

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Techkon Densitometers

The latest in Techkon Products

Yours To Try Free For 10 Days

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