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  Betaflex Control Flexo Analyzer
 Measure & Control Conventional Screening (AM) & Stochastic (FM)
 ISO Calibration and Database

 Portable & Economical at $6,399

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  bullet-red Capture  Halftones on Flexo Plates, Masks & Film

  bullet-red Analyze  Dot Area, Bar Code Width, Screen Ruling,
                            Screen Angle

  bullet-red Correct & Control
Halftones and more, for better, more Profitable Printing






For the great precision of a Betaflex at the most competitive price.

Betaflex Control is now shipping at $6,399 and includes our well known

BetaColor Viewer III, 10X ($439 value) for all sales through 9/30/10.

Building on the success of the Betaflex series while adding new features, Betaflex Control is hand held and connects directly to the PC via USB 2.0 port. ISO certifiable, using a separate light box that can easily recess into a work surface, the user has the ability to measure plates of any size with a user friendly graphical interface for Windows XP, Windows 7, or Vista operating systems.

A 1.3 megapixel color camera generates clear, sharp images of the plate, imaging as large 88 x 75 mil area in high resolution for measurements of both extremely coarse and extremely fine halftone for corrugated, narrow, and wide web printers.

Tonal-range measurements of hybrid and Stochastic (FM) screening, as well as conventional halftone patterns are simple and direct.

Line width and other image analysis tools provide critical information necessary for maintaining the highest quality. Images and analysis can be saved in a variety of formats, a great tool for quality control and verification. System performance and accuracy is maintained by the high-precision ISO-compliant glass calibration target and automatic software.

A new data collection, analysis, and plotting function facilitates comparison of current plates to predefined standards. One-click statistical analysis and report generation creates professional looking reports for internal use or marketing purposes.

Betaflex Control is compact and portable with a fitted hardcase that protects the measuring instrument, light box, and ISO calibration plaque while traveling or moving through the plant.

Unlimited plate size and type, extreme accuracy, repeatability with easy to use software, and economical pricing make Betaflex Control a logical step in every plate department's goal for consistent and repeatable quality.

  • Automatically analyze all printing dots on an area of  > 3mm
  • Compare mask and plate results.  Measure all material from 80-200 lpi
  • Repeatability better than +/- 0.5%
  • Meet highest quality requirements with ISO target and auto-calibration system





Dot Area%, Dot Diameter, Screen Ruling, Line Width, (display inch or mm),
Dot Diameter, Angle, Digital zoom 4x, Bar Code width


Flexo Plates, Masked Materials, Film

Screen Patterns:

AM, FM (Stochastic), Hybrid

System Requirements:

Windows 7, XP, Vista
Processor min. 1GHz, 1GB RAM
2 USB2 ports, CD Drive
Min. screen resolution 1024 x 768

Parts Included:

Plate reader with USB cable, Software, Dongle, ISO Calibration target,
Lightbox with 12 volt power supply


USB powered, Lightbox; external 12 volt power supply

Special Feature:

Auto calibration with ISO Target


Sensor: 1.3 MB
Analysis Area: 3mm2
Screen Rulings: 23-85L/cm
58-216 lpi, Lightbox with external power supply
ISO Calibration Target



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