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Betaflex Xpress Flexo System Analyzer

The new Betaflex Xpress system operates at the highest resolution to provide the most accurate and consistent measurements. HD Flexo, stochastic screening, and all the most sophisticated prepress techniques can be measured and controlled with ease and accuracy.

screenshot1-betaflex-xpressThe new high resolution system is portable and easy to use. Operating in transmission mode at 14,000 PPI, it quickly and accurately measures all types of transparent flexo plates, digital ablation masks, and halftone films. The new Mask Stain Density function eliminates the need to carry an old fashioned film densitometer to verify laser energy, focus, and beam adjustments. Data and images are easily captured and printed with the integral report generator and statistical analyzer.

The new automatic 4-point calibration system eliminates the need to make multiple manual measurements. The Calibration Target and software system maintains a database of instrument status to satisfy the most stringent ISO registration requirements. All of this is combined with the high precision, ease of use, and Beta product support that has made Betaflex the standard for Flexo Quality Control.

  • Measures flexo plates, films, and digital masks
  • Automatic 4-point calibration system with ISO-compliant target
  • Mask Stain density function for laser ablation setup
  • Image Overlay and Comparison function

NOTE: The Betaflex Xpress does not have 3-D imaging or reflection color halftone analysis, please see Betaflex PRO for those features.

Betaflex Xpress


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Sample Types:
Halftone Pos. & Neg. Film
Laser Ablation Mask
Transparent Flexo Plates

Camera Hardware:
Camera USB2.0: 1.3MPixel
2D Top View Resolution: 1.7µ/Pixel


Measurement Results & Functions:
Dot Area: 0.5%..98%, % in 0.01%
Screen Ruling:  50LPI-300LPI
Dot Diameter 0.1µ/0.1mil
Dot Surface Area:  1µ2/1mil2
Dot Perimeter & Edge Factor: µ/mil
Mask Stain Density
Auto Line Width by click in 0.1µ/0.1mil
Auto, Manual & Preset Screen Ruling
Easy-to-Use Interface
Full FM Screen Analyses
Manual Dot Selection by click
Local Magnifier Function
Native Image Comparison
2D Distance measured w/ruler 0.1µ/0.1mil
2D Angle measured with ruler in 0.1
Full Image Exchange between devices

Statistical Functions &
Report Generator

Dot Area Plot
Mean, Standard Deviation
Data Import & Export
Configurable Report with include/exclude list
Measurement Data or Images


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