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Freee BetaMag 12X with LED

    Video Ruler

    PC & Video Interface Increases Functionality
    Adds Data/Image Capture, Video Micrometer, & CMYK / Spot Color Contrast
    Image enhancement to more easily see, capture and record all information

    Ideal for:

    • Verifying film lengths before making plates
    • Verifying plate lengths before mounting on cylinders
    • Verifying proofs
    • Analyzing registration variation
    • Bar-code width checks

    The camera added to the ruler’s digital readout makes targeting a snap.  Being able to see a 1/2 inch (12 mm) image means you only need to positionthe ruler head to somewhere in the image, then use the on-screen cursor to easily and accurately position to better than 0.1mm.

    The unique Video Color Separation system adds an extremely useful function when measurements are needed for process or spot color images, particularly when pastel colors or low-contrast images are involved. The process yellow image is nearly impossible to see against white paper even under magnification. Utilizing the adjustable separation system the color of interest is separated from the background and other interfering colors. It is converted to grayscale and displayed in real-time on the monitor while using the measuring functions.

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Offset, flexo, and screenprint registration
marks are now easy to see and measure.
Inkjet defects such as scatter, comets, and
clumping are now easily imaged and

All optical, video & electronic systems are
built into the compact digital encoder.
Windows software provides image and
data viewing, capture and calibration.

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16” Model


24” Model


30" Model


40" Model


60" Model


80" Model



    Innovative Features - Move the cursor easily over the magnified image, rather than moving the entire optical system.  Shadow-free illumination is provided by the LED and light guide system.  Process and Spot Color enhancement/separation provide for improved contrast and visibility.




    Small Details - Measure the height and width of objects that fit entirely within the field of view by clicking on the corner and dragging a line to the diagonally opposite corner.  The x and y dimensions appear in the Local display.




    Large Objects - Place the cursor and click at the start with the Set Zero Reference.  Slide the digital encoder over the width of the object and place the cursor at the end point to calculate the length in the Global display.




    Low Contrast - Enhance the contrast and visibility of process and spot colors by using the Separation feature.  This yellow pattern is nearly impossible to see.




    High Contrast - The image is electronically color enhanced to make the original pattern visible and eliminate the visual interference.



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