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Freee BetaMag 12X with LED

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The industry leaders in high quality magnifiers

  • Three-element, color-corrected, flat-field lens design with anti-reflection coating for sharp, high contrast images.
  • Long eye relief produces a clear, sharp image as much as 18 inches above the lens.
  • Create clear, bright images free of distortion, color-fringing, and usable from edge to edge
  • Field of View 10x – "
  • Field of View 12x – 5/16"
  • Field of View 20x - 1/8"

BETAVIEW - Plastic Base Loupe
BetaView Loupe

  • Smooth acrylic base will not scratch film



BETAMAG Folding Loupe
10X, 20X, or 12X Extra Wide Field Lens

  BetaMag 12X Wide Field Folding Loupe

  • Folding case protects lens when not in use

BETAMAG 12X Extra Wide Field Loupe with double LED light attachment

Lighted Betamag 12X in action   Betamag 12X with LED light

The lighted Betamag 12X is our most popular loupe,
by far.  Great for poorly lit pressrooms!

Betamag 12X Stand Alone Light - Double LED Light Attachment for the Betamag 12X Loupe. Can be ordered alone to retrofit into your existing Betamag 12X Magnifier.

Beta Light

Stand Alone LED Light Attachment for Betamag 12X Loupe. Price: $40.00



 BETASWING - Swivel Loupe
BetaSwing Loupe

  • A classic, popular design


BetaView Prices

20X Triplet Lens


Buy 20X BetaView






BetaMag Folding Loupe Pricing:

10X Triplet Lens


Buy 10X BetaMag

20X Triplet Lens


Buy 20X BetaMag

12X Extra Wide Field


Buy 12X BetaMag

12X Extra Wide Field  Lens + LED light


Buy BetaMag 12X with Light


LED Light for 12X Betamag, Light Only


Buy Add-On Light Only















BetaSwing Prices

10X Triplet Lens


Buy BetaSwing 10X Swingbase Loupe

20X Triplet Lens


Buy BetaSwing 20X SwingBase Loupe

12X Extra Wide Field


Buy Swingbase 12X Extra Wide Field Loupe


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