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> Software: BETATAB Data Acquisition Software

BetaTab is a software product that runs as a background  application.  It receives the serial data from any Beta densitometer and formats it to be used with any foreground application.  The simplest way to use it is to record data into a text file with Notepad or Simpletext.

More sophisticated users might use MS Excel to record the data into a  spreadsheet and then use the charting and statistical functions for quality control purposes.

The nicest feature is the ability to automatically drop the data into  an application that normally requires manual data entry.  RIP calibration utilities, color calibration software, etc, all fall into this category.  Applications that require color measurements  to be made in a specific order can be accommodated, as shown in Figure 2.

Not only can data be downloaded, but images from the UltraDottie can  also be placed in any program that accepts images from the clipboard. Images are downloaded at full 12,000 dpi resolution as 1 bit bitmaps.

When used in conjunction with a spreadsheet complete documentation can  be prepared as quickly as measurements can be made. Data is captured, automatically plotted, and images displayed for visual evaluation.

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Figure 1 (above)
 BetaTab opening screen, BetaColor 2000 tab selected,
showing the wide variety of data filtering options available.
Checking a field allows that data type to be imported when
it appears at the serial port. An unchecked field prevents
that data type from being imported.  None of these selections
affect the  operation of the instrument, only the importation of
the data.  Clicking on the CONFIGURE button above opens
the color order dialog shown below in Figure 2.

Figure 2 (above)
 The sequence of color densities can be adjusted to suit
the user's needs or the fixed input requirements of another
program. The BetaColor 2000 operates as a  native seven
color densitometer and colorimeter.

Figure 3 (above)
 When used with the UltraDottie calibration of halftone systems
becomes faster and easier than ever. Calibration scales can be
measured and the data  stored in the instrument.  The calibration
reference values and the actual measurements can be downloaded
with one click.

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