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> Color Calibration Software


Data and image acquisition software for use with any Beta densitometer  and the UltraDottie.  Runs in the background capturing data and images from the serial port and places it in the foreground application. Use with calibration software or a spreadsheet for analysis. (Windows & Mac) 


BetaTab II

Same as above, but specifically for use with the UltraDottie II. Windows only. 


Beta Target

Primary halftone standard for Betaflex, Ultra Dottie, Plate  Dottie calibration 


BetaStat QC01

Graphical Quality Control software connects to any BETALOG color  densitometer for real-time data collection, Statistical Analysis and data display (Windows) 


BetaCal ILS/QC

Imagesetter Linearization Software for PostScript Imagesetters with  Adobe, AGFA, Harlequin or Lino RIPs.  Connects to any BETALOG B&W densitometer (Mac) 


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