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New Measurement Technology for Corrugated: 
Measure & Correct Washboarding

Essential to produce the highest quality product for:
Pop Displays, Apparel, Wine, Gift, Electronics Packaging and more

The success of any packaging is linked closely to its appearance. The global market leads to stronger competition and more similar products to be offered to potential buyers. The appearance of the packaging is the one opportunity to make your product stand out from all the others.  Corrugated can deliver a powerful message while offering flexibility in design and concept of the packaging for your products. In addition lamination, printing and labeling can give additional value to your packaging.

Corrugated offers several unique advantages compared to other materials. Corrugated is high in strength while low in weight. High volumetric efficiency is achieved through high stacking strength and compact, flat size for transportation. It is flexible in box design, low cost even in low volume production and environmentally friendly. Corrugated offers excellent protection for the product whether used as simple shipping container or as a consumer presentation package.

You can print on corrugated. But printed corrugated often shows a fluting defect, a consequence of the washboard effect on the liner of the corrugated.

The washboard effect, an undulating surface of corrugated card board, is an undesired effect resulting from the corrugated cardboard manufacturing process. The washboard effect can also be seen on corrugated board before printing. Fluting defects are the combination of washboard effects and printing problems including gloss variations, dot gain variations, density variations and trapping variations.

Corrugated board is produced by applying glue to the peaks of the flutes and bonding them to the liner. As the glue dries it shrinks, stretching the liner into the valley between two flutes. The more glue applied, the more water has to evaporate, the more the liner will be stretched, the more washboard effect will appear. There exists a linear relationship between the amount of glue and washboard effect.

The moisture content of the air, the paper, and the glue influence the quality of the finished product. High atmospheric humidity, high moisture content in the paper fiber, and high moisture content in the glue will swell the cardboard and reduce the amount of glue applied to the construction. There is a linear relationship between water content and washboard effect: the higher the water content, the lower the washboard effect is.

There is a limit in applying water to the process, however. The water needs to evaporate during drying, thus slowing down the process and occasionally damaging the cardboard surface. Side effects like Cockling or Honeycomb may appear when the water content is too high.

Because every corrugator differs in size, age, components involved, format, and many other parameters, it is essential to find the optimal settings to control the process and to keep the process constant.

Process variations and washboard effect can lead to high costs because of waste, idle machine time, discussions with customers, additional bad quality rebates, and loss of image.

A simple number, quantifying the washboard effect in a repeatable, easy to understand manner is needed. As in other applications such as color or density control, this number can be used in contracts. Agreements about the quality can be easily defined.

To meet this requirement Beta Industries introduces the BetaCorr – Corrugated Checker. The BetaCorr is a camera based, hand-held tool that measures the surface of corrugated in a noncontact manner. In a few seconds the microscopic undulations of the surface are analyzed over approximately 1.6 inches taking more than 6,000 depth measurements. The resulting washboard effect is summarized in the WBE value and displayed with a resolution of 1Ám.


For the first time in the world, the BetaCorr enables you to measure your cardboard directly as it comes out of the processing line. There is no need to prepare samples for measurement. Simply place the device onto the surface and start to measure. If the resulting WBE is higher than allowed, corrective actions can be taken immediately.

Preliminary testing in real-world applications is showing an excellent correlation with the visual appearance. Depending on the application and the corrugated composition, different target WBE numbers are typically used. An objective measurement tool for washboard effect will allow you to define your quality parameters upfront, as is done for most other production parameters.


BetaCorr Software is included with your purchase.

The BetaCorr offers new possibilities to the corrugated packaging industry in becoming more competitive. It is now possible to offer consistent high quality products to packaging buyers.

As in any other production environment there is a simple truth:
Quality means measure, measure, measure.



Control the Washboard Effect

Washboard effect and fluting defects on
packaging is a message about the quality
of the product itself.


Relationship between amount of glue
and washboard effect


Excess Glue                                           Correct Glue

Relationship between moisture
and washboard effect


Moisture Low                                  Moisture High

Cockling and Honeycomb effect due
to excessive moisture


Measure Creasing and Scoring on Corrugated
Board to Predict Folding and Box Stability



Creasing and scoring lines are stressed
180 degrees when folded for transportation

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