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Freee BetaMag 12X with LED

> Testing: Digital Paper Micrometer

Inch and Metric Scale

High Precision Electronic Readout

Spring-Loaded Snap Gauge Action

Eliminates Operator Error and  Inconsistency

The Beta Digital Paper Micrometer allows  precise and repeatable measurements of paper, plates, blankets, and packing.  The spring-loaded action assures every operator of an accurate reading.

Accurate enough for laboratory use, rugged  enough for the shop floor. Shipped with a fitted hard case for travel or storage.

Wear it on a belt hook or lanyard for the  ultimate in convenience.


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Resolution .0005 / .01mm
Measuring Range 0.5 / 12mm
Accuracy +/- .001 / .01mm
Throat Depth .875 / 22mm
Anvil Diameter .200 / 5mm
Battery (included) SR44 Silver Oxide

Overall Dimensions:
3.70 x 1.75 x .75 inches
95 x 45 x 19 mm
Weight: 5.7oz / 160g

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