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  BETA Digital Electronic Ruler

Allows precise non-contact measurements of large and small distances on  films, plates, dies and prints.  24, 36, 40 & 50 inch models. 

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with size

  BETA Video Ruler

Check stretch and detect size differences between all stages of the process before the run.  Ideal for register, repeat length, bar code width and more. Learn More

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  NEW  BetaFold Crease & Fold Analyzer

The FIRST Tool Ever for Folding Carton Analysis & Production Correction


  NEW  BetaCorr Corrugated Analyzer

Better Packaging Through Control of Variations in Fluting, Washboard Effect & Crease Profiles


  Beta Quadro Pocket Meter

Measure pH, Conductivity, TDS (total dissolved solids) and Temperature 

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  Pocket pH Meter

Two point calibration 


  Pocket Conductivity Meter



  Beta Brush

11" Anti-Static, non-radioactive

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  Excalibur Paper Sword

Paper stack sword measures moisture content. 

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  Beta Balance Paper Scale

50 gram capacity,
0.1 gram resolution 


  Digital Paper Micrometer

Inch and metric scale, high precision electronic read-out,  spring-loaded snap gauge action 

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  Dial Paper Micrometer

.001 inch or metric, .400" range 

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  Beta Hard Case

Fitted case for densitometer, viewer, etc.


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