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Freee BetaMag 12X with LED

Beta Ultra Dottie II

4 Versions:
Basic, Basic Plus, Advanced and Ultimate

One for every level & budget!

Ultra Dottie II - CTP Calibration/Halftone Analyzers
4 Versions for Every Need & Budget!

MEASURE True Dot Area without Optical Dot Gain

Ultra-high resolution, self-contained, image-based
Halftone Analyzers for halftones up to 400 LPI.

Basic - Entry Level - For Metal and Polyester Plates
Price: $2,825.00

AM/Conventional Screening
Features image display for visual verification and serial data port for downloads.
*Upgradeable to Advanced, Basic Plus, or Ultimate.

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Basic Plus
Price: $3,025.00

Adds FM/Stochastic measuring to the above BASIC instrument.
*Upgradeable to Advanced or Ultimate.

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Advanced - For All Plates, Proofs, Press Sheets and Films
Price: $4,499.00

AM/Conventional and FM/Stochastic screening to 10 microns. 12 LED’s for uniform, shadow-free illumination.  View/Download Ultra Dottie II Advanced Brochure

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Product Brochure
Instruction Manual

Product Brochure en Espanol

Compatible with:
QC System Kit

3 Years for instrument
7 Years for LED illumination system
Unlimited Technical Support,
Free Software Upgrades for the life of the instrument.

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