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Freee BetaMag 12X with LED

A Complete Line of Instruments and Systems for Faster & Easier Process Control

Advanced, Intuitive, Affordable


Testing Equipment & Supplies
Testing Equipment
Test equipment for measuring chemical and production parameters.

Color Densitometers
Color Densitometers
Easy & Affordable, with completely automatic functions

Flexo Solutions
Betaflex Pro
Accurately measure flexo plates, film, prints or sleeves.

Color Viewers
Beta Color Viewer II, III
The industry standard for viewing color. The easiest way to identify and correct difficult-to-see problems.

Magnifiers, Scopes
Betamag Loupes, Microscopes, Magnifiers
From our best-selling Betamag loupes to microscopes. There’s a BETA optic for everyone.

Press System Kit


An affordable 3-step approach to better
print quality.

EyeScan Color Bars

EyeScan Color Bars

Customized to match your press. A unique BETA product.

Video Instruments
Devices for the visual proofing of printed materials.

Beta Software for Densitometers and CTP Analyzers
Stores data and images from our line of BETA densitometers and CTP Analyzers.



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