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A Complete Solution for Production-Oriented
Press Tuning and Color Management at a Great Price!

See It, Measure It, Control It!

3 Mutually Reinforcing Elements for
easier press control and tuning.

Automatic density, dot gain and press measuring,
combined with intuitive visual press elements.

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BetaColor Customized Color Bar 

colorbar-150wWith Visual Gray Balance, made to the exact specifications
and mechanical layout of your press.


BetaColor Automatic Densitometers

S Series Densitometers   For Press Quality Control Kits

Ultra Dottie II
ultradottie2-70wMeasures 10 micron stochastic!


Beta Color Viewers

The industry standard for visual color proofing.
Contrast filters to see all printing problems. 
See yellow contrasted to look almost black!

Three Mutually Reinforcing Elements = Faster Printing & Better Quality!

Eliminates most of the bounced jobs
(lost money, lost customers)

Greatly reduces wasteful press tuning and job start-up time
(non-refundable overhead expenses to your clients)

10-Day Fully Supported Trials Available
Try it, before you buy it!

 BetaColor Color Bars - Customized Gray Balance Color Bars
 Made exactly to fit your individual press specifications!

Custom-tailored color bar made to the unique specifications of the individual press. (i.e. spacing and ink key zone dimensions)

Differently formatted for a 13" Hamada as to 40" Heidelberg

Perfect fit every time!

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 BetaColor "S" Series Densitometers

Competitively Priced

Easiest to Use - most frequently used features are automatic. 
Auto density, dot gain and trapping. No more expensive bricks!
The most user-friendly.

1,000,000 + readings from commonly found, store-bought (7-11) batteries.  Especially useful to clients running 2 or more shifts. Runs for months and years, never needing a recharge.

No maintenance necessary, repairs are infrequent and inexpensive, fewest moving parts and none critical to function, LED light source (unique to "S" series  densitometers). 

Seven year warranty on LED's. 

Three years parts and labor.

Compare to other brands' repair costs of $300+ for repair, using older full spectrum 5000 K light sources.

Fastest Measurements:
1/10th of a second, compare to others that may take as long as 1.6 seconds.

The only densitometer to indicate the order of color sequencing. Very important to save clients money when reprinting another printer's work.

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 Beta Color Viewer II and III - Unique Beta Product

Color contrasting filters for process (C, M, Y, K)

The only production device to distinctly see the nearly invisible yellow.  Appears almost black.

Hand-held and portable.

Universal base, with optional magnifications ranging from 10X - 200X.

Industry Standard

Second nature to a pressman - aids their eyes to identify and correct common press problems.

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